Employers and Video Interviewing

Video Interview software, the buzz topic. Like most of us, we are working from home or at an office with many empty seats. However one thing must continue and that is communication. Another words, COVID-19 or Coronavirus is having an impact on every part of life, from leisure to professional time. Recruitment, in particular, is currently experiencing a large increase in video interviewing due to the virus.

Are you purchasing new tech or using free tech? There are a variety of options available if you don’t have the budget to purchase new video conferencing tech. Skype and Google Hangouts are two examples of free software options that will allow you to conduct online interviews. If you’re relying on free tech, the features and functionality can be limited – therefore this may not be the best option if you’re looking to recruit at-scale. Zoom and Fuze are popular paid video conferencing options (Zoom also have a free limited version) used by organisations around the world.

Are you using Live or Pre-recorded video interviewing software? Live is where you are talking and interacting with an audience, maybe sharing screens, audio, visual at the same time. Pre-recorded is where you create a list of questions and get the candidate to record in their time the answers. A bit like the computer is the interviewer. Video interview software companies like FaceCruit offer these solutions as well as a host of other features.

Job seekers and Video Interviewing

There are three video interaction tools that job seekers will be interacting with over the next coming months and years.

  1.  Live interviewing tool.
  2.  Video as a pre-recorded interview tool
  3. Using video to create a video resume

We understand how point 1 & 2 but we need to explore point 3 more.  If you want to know how to set up a video resume and how FaceCruit is delivering a different ground breaking model click on these links.

How to make a video resume.

Tips on how to add your video resume to your job application.

How do I get that first interview?

If you would like to create a free video resume all you need to go is to FaceCruit.

Would you like a free trial or a demonstration on how the video interview tool work for employers. Contact support@facecruit.com