Why make a Video Resume

While there are tips regarding how to make your resume look good and presentable there is also a whole new medium of representing the resume which is used by people who love to go extra miles in whichever task they pick up.

It is true that you can do a lot in your printed resume however; the scope remains limited whereas a video resume is much more flexible, credible and creative.

In today’s competitive market place, you need to make an impression. Whether you are a school leaver, a university graduate or looking for a new job, it’s important to have a competitive edge.  A video resume lets you show the employer that your enthusiastic, tech savvy, a good communicator, have a professional approach and most importantly are able to express you key attributes clearer on video than on paper to get that interview.

How to Create your Video Resume

There are a few ways of creating a video resume from selfies, to YouTube or going to a video resume site where you can get a free predetermined recording time, which is generally 30 seconds. However at FaceCruit we believe it needs to be more professional than this, easy to create and showcase you. We let you create questions/content  {Video Headings) about your self which the employer can engage with. For example: Why I believe I am qualified for this position.Or, Why I am applying for this position? We also allow the job seeker to invite referees or mentors to talk about them via recorded video. Another inclusion is the ability for the job seeker to upload supporting documents or video (E.g  – YouTube clip of building a solar car).

The great thing is all this information is under to one URL link and the employer when clicking has access to what he or she needs to engage with. Unlike watching a boring 30 second video with mixed content/messages.

How does FaceCruit free video resume software work? (None of the areas are compulsory. You choose)

  • Login into FaceCruit job seeker free video resume builder
  • You will receive 5 minutes of free recording time
  • Create you Job Profile names (E.g – Engineering, Sales Executive)
  • Create content/questions about yourself and practice recording your answers before publishing
  • Invite referees to answer video questions about you (E.g – What was Nick like as an employee?)
  • Upload video, documents and social media profiles
  • Share you Job Profile URL in your resume, social media etc.

How to Market your Video Resume

Video resumes are on the rise and need to be considered as part of your application. We are not suggesting to replace your standard resume, however to add a link and embed this in your cover letter or resume with a caption such as the following examples

  • For further information I have included a video resume and video references for you
  • To get a greater insight to what I can bring to your organisation I have included a short video profile to support my application
  • Please click on the following link My Video Resume  which will take you
    to a video profile explaining in greater depth my experience and achievement’s to
    further support my application.
  • I am using the latest software by FaceCruit to enhance my application. Click here to
    see my presentation.

If you want to add a discreet link, just add a link under your LinkedIn profile or
contact information and use the following short text examples. Remember to hyperlink the text or add your Job Profile URL alongside the text.

  • FaceCruit Video Profile
  • Video Resume
  • Video References
  • Supporting video
  • My video profile
  • My video showcase
  • Video application
    Remember, market and promote your caption so the recipient will want to open your Job

In summary, what we have created is an opportunity for the job seeker to showcase themselves and make an impression that will give them a greater opportunity to get that first interview.