There are heaps of companies blogging and pitching on how to create a resume. Some are working some are not and some depends on the position and current trends. A lot of experts talk about listing your achievements and how they came to be. That is all well and good but after a while wouldn’t it be great to have something accompanying your resume application to give you a further competitive edge.

As a recruiter I have received plenty of average resumes (sometimes short of good resumes) but when the candidates present face to face they were exactly what I and the client were looking for. I think of how many good candidates haven’t got interviews or jobs because their resume was average but their communication and understandings of what we were looking for was high.

Only if the candidate sent me a FaceCruit Video Resume. Why FaceCruit, because a selfie resume or long winded presentation with no key categories of application can be demonstrated.

Video Resumes

Video resumes do not have to be a stand alone product whilst applying for a position. What do I mean by this?

Too many candidates are wasting time doing these grand productions and paying somebody to create them a video resume or spending hours creating one themselves as if the were the producer and director of a box office movie.

There is a company that helps those who want to create a video resume for free. They offer recording on their site with many other options to get that first interview. Yes again I am talking about FaceCruit.

What is the difference with Video Resumes

Most internet search on video resumes will lead you to individual who have created their own video resume, or tips on what to say and how to act. Take a selfie tip, record a 3 minute video etc. Who wants to stream through non key topics looking for the right candidates. Boring and time wasting. No wonder some companies don’t like video resumes.

What else is out there?

We are not pulling our own strings here, but to put it simply FaceCruit.

FaceCruit lets you create individual videos which you can name/content and practice as many times as you like. Once you have completed the videos you can publish them. They are all collated under the one URL. What do we mean by naming/content the videos. Here is an example. Why you should hire me; How I have achieved 4.4 million in a year well over budgeted sales; Why I am leaving;  Wouldn’t be great for employers/recruiters to open a link and click on the relevant content/video name that you would like to watch.

Here is some generic help that may help you in creating content.

  • Look at what the job requires
  • Understand what they are looking for
  • Look at transferable skills
  • Look at new ideas and skills you can bring
  • Your achievements and how were resulted

If they are looking for great communication skills, then make sure you communicate well. No not well, exceptionally well.

There also is another big difference with FaceCruit. Their free video resume software. You get 5 minutes recording time. There is so much more. You also get to invite video referees to talk about you, you get to upload supporting material such as Certificates, YouTube clips, written references etc to give you a real showcase of you.

All this information is under one URL link, a bit like a LinkedIn profile link. Just add the link to your resume or digital application. This is how to add your video resume to your job application.

Get on board, you have nothing too loose, apart from maybe a first interview.