Video Recruitment Software for
Employers and Jobseekers

Improving the recruitment process for recruiters and candidates alike...

Facecruit takes the pain out of

phone tagging • coordinating diaries • managing time zones • geographic restrictions

by allowing candidates to record their screening interviews 24X7 globally and allow you to review candidates back to back at a time that suits you.


Save time and money by taking the guesswork out of who to interview and hire. Our unique on-line video system gives a much better insight into a candidate's suitability by creating a tailored, interview-like presentation.


Job seeker

Create and share your own video presentation, include video referees, upload your resume, and tap into hundreds of resources that will help make you stand out from the crowd anywhere in the world.


Find the right candidate while reducing your costs.

Our service helps you innovate and reduce the time to conduct interviews by up to 80%. Get more defined and better outcomes with our leading video interviewing platform.

Video interview software that recognises talent on the spot.

FaceCruit provides you with a clearer picture and more insight into potential employees. All information is securely locked away in the cloud for you to access at your convenience.

Fulfilling the needs of today's generation of candidates.

In todays hectic world, FaceCruit gives flexibility to candidates who can respond to the interview questions at a time that suits their schedule. FaceCruit is a great way to replace the telephone or a first round of interviews.

FaceCruit eliminates the need for an extensive interview process.

Because candidates are no longer just words on a page, they are people with personalities. There's no need to sift through hundreds of resumes or conduct dozens of interviews. You're in control with FaceCruit.

Time STEP 1

Create as many or few question for the candidates that suit the role.

Play STEP 2

Candidates record their responses, but only get one attempt. Just like in a real interview.

Clipboard STEP 3

Evaluate, review and rate responses yourself or together with your colleagues.

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