Video Interviewing

First of all what type of video interviewing are we talking about. I well tell you what we are not talking about, we are not talking about Skype, conferencing interviewing platforms or two way video communication, we are talking about asynchronous video interviewing. Asynchronous video interviewing is also called one way video interviewing, on-demand video interviewing. This is where the candidates are sent a link via email or a public URL and are recorded giving their answers to your questions. Once they have finished you can rate, review and share with interested stakeholders.

Their are little savings in two way video interviewing. The only real saving is travel expenses. The reason there is little saving is that the set up is not very different from a face to face interview. You still have to contact the candidates (which is usually phone or email tag), organise times, set up meeting technology and then put aside 30  minutes minimum for each interview.

Cost savings

Hidden costs

There are many hidden cost savings with one way (Asynchronous) video interviewing.

  • Time is at a premium for most recruiters.  Video interviewing allows recruiters to carry out a large number of interviews in a short space of time.  This interview format is particularly useful when it comes to interviewing candidates who live in a different city or country.  Video interviewing can cut recruitment costs by 80%.
  • Up to 8 videos can be reviewed the time it takes to do one phone interview or face to face video interviewing.
  • No travelling, no scheduling appointments, no no-shows.
  • No need to allocate Interview times. If you are not happy with the response, interview is over.
  • Calling at 02:00am in the morning to do an interview is something recruiters don”t enjoy.
  • You have access to brand and market your company without having to pay extra advertising or marketing costs..

Hard costs

What do we mean by hard costs? We mean the cost of the software, product or service.

A lot of video interviewing companies focus on enterprise customers and leave small business with high usage costs with some form of contract or user obligation.

FaceCruit have decided to be different. They want to make the software the cheapest video interviewing software product on the market with all the same benefit’s and features as the high cost competitors. There is nothing wrong with using the word cheap, they could glorify the word to inexpensive. How face pricing works is a Pay As You Go video interviewing system. You purchase minutes (credits) and all unused minutes roll over form month to month. You can start as $75 dollars for 50 minutes. If you are a small business with little recruiting this could last you a year.

At FaceCruit they are more than happy to give you free credits to trial the system. In fact, when you do sign up you get 2 minutes free credits to play and navigate around the system. Here, you can act as the employer and the candidate to really understand the full experience for both parties.

Click here and send us a message, they will get back to you no longer than 12 hours.