Recruitment can be a costly exercise. Most companies can clearly see the direct costs such as advertising, agency fees and the salaries of the in-house recruiters but neglect to consider the hidden costs.  Did you know that most companies actually underestimate the cost of recruitment by up to 95%?

The costs involved in the recruitment process can quickly increase when hiring interstate or internationally. How many hiring managers have wasted their time and company monies due to failures in the process of talent acquisition? Skype interviews can be unreliable and time consuming. You may have to get up at 2am to interview someone in London and then the candidate wastes your time downloading the software and creating an account. There are numerous stories about Skype interviews dropping out, choppy video streams, camera and microphone issues which makes the whole process frustrating for both employer and candidate.

Some companies choose to fly overseas on recruitment drives due to skill shortages in their local areas or countries. Alternatively flying candidates in from overseas or interstate can be an option, but again this is a costly exercise, especially since you won’t know who will be meeting you at the airport. Candidates in regional areas may have to drive numerous hours if they are keen for the job only to be disappointed when they don’t make the final selection.

More and more employers are using video interviewing software for their remote interviewing needs. The cost savings are clear when considering the alternative. If you want to save costs in your business consider a free trial and see for yourself how easy it can be.

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