Why you should shine as a future employer?

I wish I had video interview software when i was a recruiter. I will explain this later. Over many years of being an employee before becoming self employed,  I have made the mistake of “Judging a book by its cover”. The flashy reception area, the greeting with a smile and the assortment of beverages offered. Then the future manager greets you and delivers the glowing report on how well the company is going and the wonderful team environment.

The other spiel you get is how they have had some difficulties and are changing the culture and that is why they want to hire you as part of their team of new change. The problem is some of the senior executives do not see the need for change and are masquerading their intentions.

Sure this isn’t the case all the time and the majority of business is truthful and transparent. However still do your research.

How to research your future employer?

The obvious answer is ask people who work there, that is if you know them, or use your networking skills. For starters go to LinkedIn and search employees of the company. They may have similar connections as you and you can begin researching and networking. But keep it discreet.

Social Media and Googling are a great ways to go, however don’t believe everything you read as there can be disgruntled ex employees who will give a bad review to get a form of revenge. Examples of employer review sites are Glassdoor, Indeed, and even Facebook. There are more, however not all are relevant to your country, for example, Great Place to Work is more focused in the USA.

How to make yourself shine as a future employer.

The answer is branding, innovation and engagement. At FaceCruit video interviewing software we have made it simple for users to add their own branding. A step up from this, is our recording platform where you can record your own intro (Welcome) and exit ( Thank you) videos. FaceCruit also allows you to upload your own videos, supporting material and more. What this does is show there is a face to the company and also shows that the company is using innovative interaction tools in the recruitment process. It is a good start, it gives the candidate a little more idea into what the offerings and conditions maybe (E.g. Childcare facilities, work life balance, mindfulness. Note: only if mentioned in video) of the employer.

If you would like ant further information or would like a free demonstration about how our leading video interview software can help, please feel free to contact us at support@facecruit.com