Recruiters share candidate videos interviews with Hiring Managers

Here’s an overview of how the process generally works

  1. Requesting candidate videos: Recruiters typically ask shortlisted candidates to submit a video recording that addresses specific questions or tasks related to the job. The instructions can vary, but they aim to assess relevant skills, experience, and cultural fit.
  2. Video submission: Candidates record their responses to the given prompts and submit their videos either through a designated video interview platform or by sharing a private link. They usually have a set timeframe within which to complete this task.
  3. Reviewing candidate videos: Recruiters and hiring managers review the submitted videos as part of the evaluation process. They assess various aspects such as verbal communication, body language, confidence, problem-solving skills, and how well candidates articulate their thoughts.
  4. Collaborative evaluation: Recruiters may involve multiple team members, including hiring managers and other stakeholders, to collectively assess the candidate videos. This helps ensure a fair and comprehensive evaluation. Some video interviewing software platforms offer a review panel comment and evaluate section for data.
  5. Candidate shortlisting: Based on the video assessments, recruiters shortlist candidates who demonstrate the desired competencies and potential for success in the role. These candidates move forward in the selection process, typically proceeding to subsequent rounds of interviews or assessments.

It’s important to note that video-based assessments should be used as a complementary tool, not as the sole basis for decision-making. They can provide valuable insights, but they should be combined with other evaluation methods like interviews, resume screening, and reference checks to make informed hiring decisions.

Recruiters should also be mindful of potential biases and ensure that all candidates are given equal opportunities.  Guidelines should be established to maintain consistency in the assessment process, and efforts should be made to evaluate candidates fairly and objectively. This is why video interviews are effective as they give the candidates the same questions and time limits to answer.

Overall, using candidate videos as part of the job selection process can be an effective way to assess candidates’ skills, communication abilities, and cultural fit. It offers an additional layer of evaluation and helps recruiters make more informed decisions when selecting the right candidate for a role.