Video Interviewing Software

By now you should know how one-way, or pre-rerecorded video interviewing software works. Especially if you are a recruiter or involved in hiring. However in saying this, there is more to video interviewing than just sending out a link and getting the candidate to record their answers to your questions.

I am not going to write a long winded blog. The reasoning it quite simple and easy to explain.

Sharing Your Candidate Video Interviews

Once a video interview has been completed by the candidate the recruiter can make comments, score every question, assess skills and sort the candidates responses by rating. A recruiter can also click on the add reviewer link and add the name and email of a reviewer. The reviewer then receives an email with a link (no sign up needed) where they can download a resume and watch the candidate giving their answers to pre-determined questions. Also the reviewer can add comments and rate. Once completed the recruiter receives an email with the reviewers responses.


Here is a link to the cost savings of using video recruitment software. You will be surprised on how much you will save.

In reference to the actual cost of the software, it is very inexpensive. If you are sourcing the best priced video interviewing software Australia you cannot go past FaceCruit. They offer Pay As You go pricing plans for small and medium size businesses to Enterprise for larger organisations.

If you are a recruiter or an employers and would like to have a web demo, feel free to contact FaceCruit on our contact form. We will respond no later than 24 hours.