Marketing yourself with video

It is amazing today when I hop onto social media and see individuals giving advice, marketing themselves or their company. Hey, there is nothing wrong with this, in fact I promote it. However I do find it very hypocritical when recruiters internal or external are using video and do not embrace hiring with video. Even worse they won’t even be open to a trial of video interviewing software. In saying this, a lot of recruiters may be unaware of the software and HR technology trends or are comfortable with their current procedures. Also video interview can be suited to roles where there are a lot of applicants or remote applications (OS or regional).

What do we mean by candidates video?

There are two types of candidate videos. Firstly a video resume (which can be a URL link embedded in a resume) and secondly an employer/recruiter inviting a candidate to do a video. When we say inviting to do video, all the candidate needs to do is click on a link provided on a tailored email. Here the candidate can answer questions provided by the employer/recruiter and have the opportunity to communicate, engage, win over their future employer with their answers.

Why we should embrace video resumes and interviews?

My past career paths were in sales management, and I would of embraced the opportunity to have done a video interview in my applications. I believe this would of given me the opportunity to get that first face to face interview quicker. This would of reduced the stress of applying for so many jobs (Perhaps my resume was not formatted or communicated well).

As an ex recruiter I wasted countless hours sifting through resumes and prioritizing who I should call to get to the face to face interview. I will be honest with you, some of the good resumes were the worst candidates. It would of been a great tool to see how a candidate explained there achievements rather than written.

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