Creative job-postings 

The days of dull and exasperatingly boring job postings are now over. The video will play an integral role, where recruiters can post new opening and invite video responses. Powered by CRM platforms, social media cross-linkage, and other tools, the entire hiring process will now be more engaging, interactive, innovative, and meaningful for both recruiter and applicant. Welcome to the increasing popularity of video interviewing with creative job postings.

How simple is it to set up?

Very simple. I will explain to you how FaceCruit can be used in this interactive video interviewing software.

  1. Start off by creating a job.
  2. Select a close off date for applications.
  3. Add marketing material to show off your company (This is not compulsory)
    • You can upload your website, PD, Corporate video. FaceCruit even allows you to record intro (Welcome) and exit (Thank you)  videos on their platform.
  4. You now can add questions. This might be as simple as – Why are you applying for this position? What do you know about ACME Pty Ltd?
  5. Job set up completed. A unique public URL will be created which you can link to your careers page on your website, advertising such as Seek, Linkedin etc. or even on social media.
  6. The candidate will click the link and will be asked to upload their details including their resume. They will then be taken to a page with all your branding and marketing information (self promotion). Then the candidate will be recorded answering the questions you have provided.
  7. An email will be sent to you when a candidate completed their interview/application.
  8. You can review, rate and share the candidates response with other stakeholders.

Advantages of video for branding and engaging candidates

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could tailor video content to a particular pool of applicants, or relate it directly to the skills and expectations you have for a particular position at your company? Now it’s easy. You can show candidates exactly where they’ll work. You can interview their direct supervisors and let them talk about the job,

These are among the critical trends for video interviewing, in the new year. Remember, with hiring becoming increasingly competitive, and candidates’ more experience-conscious, recruiting teams must look for new strategies and models. Video interviewing tools are at the center of this change.

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