Lets get the facts straight!

You have a shop front and have a pretty average advertisment looking for candidates to apply for a job in your business. Generally this will be a mobile number or an email hand written or photocopied and stuck on the window.

What are the issues with this?

Firstly, the way you are branding and marketing your business. Are you promoting and representing your own business in a professional manner? You are also creating a tagging game. The applicant might ring you and you are missing the calls and vica versa. Candidates emails might go to spam, or not have enough information on the application, back to square one. Mind you, you have’nt seen how they present and communicate yet.

The worlds most easiest solution……

Hire with Facecruit’s QR Code, the ultimate solution to help you find candidates faster and more accurately. Imagine this scenario. A candidate is walking to a restaurant and passes your shop, sees a pofessional vacancy description and scans the QR code to apply. How simple. The candidate can do the interview later in their own time where they upload their resume and are recorded answering questions on their smartphone or laptop via video which you have provided on our software platform. Gets better, you get an email when they have completed the interview. No chasing candidates.

Easy to use.

Facecruit has set up one of the most simple way to set up a pre-screen interview. It only takes 10 minutes and this will save you hours and hours of sifting through applicants. The professional software platform lets you record an intro and exit video to engage the candidates. Everything is there for you, including support and and a free package to get you started.

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