Life without FaceCruit QR Code

I was walking down King William Road in Adelaide the other month, noticing adverts on windows and chalk boards “Staff wanted”. One was a restaurant and the other a retail shop. There must be a better way to interact with candidates without them disturbing the flow of business.

The other scenario is where candidates want to drop off their CV scouting for a job which can be anytime of the day disturbing staff during busy times. In larger hospitality and retail they are always looking for good staff, however organising time to receive and review CV’s in an inconvenience. Lastly the candidates CV may look good, however with a CV you can’t review if the candidate communicates or presents well. I am sure you have seen students dropping off their CV at the customer service counter.

QR Code to save Retailers and the Hospitality industry time and costs

Wouldn’t be great to have a solution which would give back control, save time and give a clearer picture of the candidate to the employer whilst offering a better candidate experience.

How can this be acheived?

Hire with QR Code

Hire with QR Code video interviewing

The answer is simple and effective.

  1. Create a Job/s on our online platform.
  2. The employer can add an intro and exit video if they choose to engage the candidates.
  3. Add questions you would like the candidate to answer via video.
  4. Create and hire with QR Code.
  5. Use our editable PDF doc to advertise your vacancy with your unique QR Code and print, or just copy the QR Code and use your own marketing suite.
  6. Print and place in area for candidates to scan. Example: Shop window, supermaket counter or even website.
  7. When a job seeker wants to leave their CV direct them to the QR Code.

What happens after QR Code scanned?


  1. In their own time the candidate will need to add their details and upload their CV.
  2. Next, they will need to answer questions created by the employer by video on any device.


  1. The employer will receive an email notifying them of a completed interview.
  2. The employer can share the candidate video answers with fellow stakeholders for review and comments and give a star rating.
  3. Invite suitable candidates for the next step in the hiring process.


Hire with QR Code” will save the employer time and money while getting a greater insight to the candidate. The costing model that FaceCruit offeres is inexpensive yet user friendly. If you would like more information please contact our support team.