Prepare your video resume

First of all you need to have a video resume. Not a boring selfie, not something that is going to take forever to do. You need a free software program that easy to use and show cases you. There is a product out there that does all of this – FaceCruit.

Why do you need a video resume and how do you make a video resume ? This is a good question. A video can be an extension to your application which you can showcase and communicate you where a resume can not.  A unique URL can be added to your online resume.

How to attach your video resume to your application

Once you have your profile URL here are some tips below.

Here is a great list of how to share your job video profile

If you need to set up a hyperlink this is how you can. Click here to see how to set up a hyperlink.

You can add your caption to cover letters and resumes, or both. For example use a more descriptive and highlighted caption in your cover letter (Point 1 below) or just add the short caption (Point 2) on your resume.Example – Please view my video resume I have also included in my application. (We have added a YouTube clip) Or you can just use your Job Profile URL.

Here are some more descriptive examples for you to use.

  • For further information I have included a video resume and video references for you
    to get a greater insight to what I can bring to your organisation
  • I have included a short video profile to support my application
  • Please click on the following link which will take you
    to a video profile explaining in greater depth my experience and achievement’s to
    further support my application.
  • I am using the latest software by FaceCruit to enhance my application. Click here to
    see my presentation.

If you want to add a discreet link, just add a link under your LinkedIn profile or
contact information and use the following short text examples. Remember to
hyperlink the text or add your Job Profile URL alongside the text.

  • FaceCruit Video Profile
  • Video Resume
  • Video References
  • Supporting video
  • My video profile
  • My video showcase
  • Video application

Remember, market and promote your caption so the recipient will want to open your Job