Top 5 Reasons to Use Video Interviewing Software

Say goodbye to the days of sending scattered interview notes about individual candidates to a client. With the incorporation of video interviews, you can provide candidates with high-quality one-way video interview recordings.

Sending a visual presentation is much more representative of both your work and the candidate. Now, instead of having to read about job candidates and determine if they’re worth bringing in for an interview, clients can see candidates for themselves, before investing valuable time and money to meet with candidates in person.

The ability to view recorded video interviews enables your clients to make more informed decisions and provide you with prompt, meaningful feedback on candidates. It simplifies the process for all parties involved — not to mention the fact that it gives you a competitive edge over recruiters who are still doing things the old-fashioned way, i.e. relying on hefty amounts of notes to sell candidates.

Why use video interviewing?

In this candidate driven job market where it is not very easy to get qualified talent, it is a challenge for recruiters to meet and exceed the expectations of the candidates. Video interviewing software is one of the more innovative recruitment processes followed by hiring managers allowing organizations to engage with candidates in a creative way. Let us look at some of the relevant reasons to use video interviewing in today’s job market.

#1 Video Recruitment eases scheduling pressures.

If you are scheduling 20 candidates for one-to-one interviews, scheduling those interviews properly can be a big challenge. But, with the help of video interviewing software, you can ask the candidates to answer questions whenever it is convenient to them. Then, the hiring manager and their teams can evaluate the responses as per their own conducive time schedule.

You can conduct 10 one way video interviews in the same amount of time it takes to conduct one phone interview

#2 To create a positive interview experience for candidates.

With the help of one-way video interview, it is possible to attract candidates to take the interview, which they would have avoided due to busy schedule. They would not have much problem in spending 10-15 minutes of their time to record the answers for the video interviews at any given time. This would make you attract the best possible talent with the least effort.

Some video interviewing software let you brand your interviews with intro and exit videos, add marketing material and supporting docs to show off how great you are to work for. This will engage your candidates even more with how innovative the recruitment process is.

How important is a positive interview experience?

  • 80-90% of talent say a positive or negative interview experience can change their mind about a role or company
  • Majority of candidates would take one job over another based on personal relationships formed during the interview process
  • According to a survey conducted by CareerArc, nearly 60% of job seekers have a poor interview experience. 72% of them share their experience on an online platform.

#3 Video interview software makes remote recruitment easier and inexpensive.

Video interviewing makes it possible to conduct interviews with candidates across the globe thereby ensuring that the candidates do not have to travel for a personal round of interview. This saves lots of cost for the organization as well as the candidate. Some candidates maybe be on holiday, or on a business trip and would still be able to apply to a position.

#4 To save the face-to-face interviews for only the best candidates.

When you are conducting face-to-face interviews for each and every potential new hire, it becomes a very time-consuming process. Video interviewing software allows you to pre-screen candidates before you invite them to a face-to-face interview. That way, you can select only the candidates who meet the criteria to the job position you are trying to fill – saving you time and money.

#5 To access the technological skills of the candidates.

By conducting a video interviewing process, it is possible for the recruiters to evaluate the technology efficiency of the candidate. Since, in every organization most of the work is conducted online, by using video technology you can gauge the technical skills of the candidates which can come in handy during a later evaluation stage.