One-Way Video interview

A One-Way interview can also been known a an asynchronous video interview, recorded video interview or On-Demand video interview. The employer creates a list of questions they would like the candidates to answer. A time limit is set by the employer on how long they give the candidate to answer each question. This can be varied, question one might have 60 seconds and question two 120 seconds to answer and so on. Also you can set a closing date for when the interview must be completed.

The candidate is sent a link through an email or you can use an automated email template that FaceCruit offers as a value add to invite the candidates. The candidate clicks on the link and goes to an interview page with clear instruction and guidance. The great attribute of FaceCruit for candidates is they do not need to download any software. Candidates can test and rehearse on the platform to get comfortable and at ease before proceeding. Once they proceed they will only be able to see one question at a time. For example question 1 of 4. At the end of the interview they click on a button to submit to employer and are acknowledged when the interview has been sent. Basically the computer is the recruiter. The employer receives an email and can review, rate, comment and share the candidate with interested stakeholders.

Candidate advantages

One-Way interviewing allows candidates to focus on their responses to questions, rather than focusing on how the interviewer is responding. Recorded interviewing allows candidates to express their passion and enthusiasm for a topic and the organisation, something that cannot be replicated with phone interviewing. Social media has shown us that (given the right opportunity and technology) people want to be heard, as well as seen. Video interviewing provides candidates with this opportunity. With recorded video interviewing everybody is answering exactly the same questions, with the same time limitations for responses. It’s no longer about how well you can build rapport with a phone interviewer or how one candidate can manipulate the phone interviewing process. Video interviewing gives everybody the same opportunity. Video interviewing also allows recruiters to directly compare candidates’ responses against each other, without having to rely on their memories. This means recruiters are comparing apples with apples.

Employer advantages

There are many employer advantages. I have added to links below which will take you to previous blogs which will explain this for you. Why should employers us video interviewing? Increasing you ROI with affordable and best video interviews.