Video your Job

More and more I see on platforms likes LinkedIn where organisations engage with video to market their job vacancy. Generally it is an employee of the company talking about the vacant position and giving a plug on how wonderful the company is. I am all for this, however there are different mediums out there than just YouTube or your phone. What you want is the ease of recording, an inexpensive model and more than video to engage the candidates. There is a software platform out there that lets you create video job vacancies. FaceCruit.

What does FaceCruit offer?

FaceCruit has a double marketing offering for both employer and candidate. When you are in the FaceCruit video interviewing platform you have access to a whole host of marketing tools to engage your candidates. What is great about the software is that when you set up a job vacancy through FaceCruit you can record on the platform intro videos. These intro videos you can talk about the position and the company. You get as many attempts as you like and it is as simple as pressing record. No software to download. You can also add thank you (Exit videos) after the candidates have completed their application.

On the platform you can also upload supporting documents such as job description, specific requirements, company websites and corporate videos. Giving you an extra engagement opportunities with your candidates who are also in demand with your competitors dull application process.

Video responses from candidates

As part of the interview set up you can create your video/s and add branding and marketing material. Once completed you can create a public URL or a invitation URL. Candidates then click on a link (no software download) and will be guided to your videos and marketing suite and if they want can continue through to the application process. The application process will give the candidate the same opportunity as the employer to market themselves with video answers from questions the employer has created. Hence this gives the candidate the same opportunity to present their service offerings as the employer.

If we have sparked an interest with FaceCruit who are an Australian video interviewing platform, feel free to send us an email to or visit our site where you can sign up for free and try out the software.