Video Referencing

Using video for reference checking can offer several advantages compared to traditional methods. For example, phone calls or written references. Here are some of the advantages of using video for reference checks: With FaceCruit video referencing there is no need to have live videos. Just create questions for the referee and invite. They will be recorded answering the questions for you to view and share.

Visual Cues

Video allows you to see the facial expressions, body language, and non-verbal cues of the reference giver. This can provide valuable insights into their sincerity and enthusiasm when discussing the candidate.

Contextual Information

Video references often take place in the reference giver’s own environment. This can provide contextual information about their relationship with the candidate. For example, you might see them in their workplace or home, which can offer insights into their professional and personal life.

Improved Communication

Video calls can facilitate better communication compared to phone calls. You can see and hear the reference giver clearly. This can lead to more effective and in-depth conversations about the candidate’s qualifications and character.

Recording for Documentation

Video reference checks can be recorded for documentation purposes. This can be valuable in case there are discrepancies or misunderstandings later on. It also allows multiple stakeholders to review the reference independently.


Video references can be scheduled to accommodate different time zones or busy schedules. This makes it more accessible for both reference givers and those conducting the checks.

Enhanced Candidate Assessment

By observing the reference giver’s reactions and responses, you can gain a more holistic understanding of the candidate’s strengths, weaknesses, and potential fit for the role.


Video reference checks can help standardize the reference-checking process, ensuring that each candidate is evaluated using a similar method. This reduces the risk of bias and helps in making fairer hiring decisions.

Global Reach

Video reference checks can be conducted with references located anywhere in the world, making it easier to tap into a global talent pool.

Time and Cost Efficiency

While video reference checks require some initial setup and technology, Companies like FaceCruit have already set up easy to use technology. Video reference checks are more time and cost-effective than arranging in-person meetings or extensive phone calls, especially for long-distance references.


Video calls can be encrypted and secured to protect the confidentiality of sensitive information discussed during the reference check.


Video reference checks can be scheduled at the convenience of both parties, allowing for greater flexibility in the reference-checking process.

Candidate Experience

Candidates may appreciate the use of video references as it demonstrates a commitment to thorough and modern evaluation methods.


While video reference checks offer these advantages, it’s important to consider factors such as privacy, consent, and compliance with relevant regulations, especially if you plan to record the video calls or share them with others. Additionally, the effectiveness of video reference checks also depends on the quality of the video conferencing tools and the skills of the individuals conducting the checks.