Offering more for less cost

In the age of modern technology with ever growing change and innovation, I still ponder why recruiters and hiring managers are reluctant to trial products or processes that will give them a competitive edge and/or their internal or external stakeholders greater engagement and value add. Basically offering more for less cost.

I know of many recruiters who use one way video recruitment and share the interviews with their clients. Guess what? -Their clients love it.

Here is an example of cost effectiveness using technology with FaceCruit

Labour time in brackets for recruiters ( Average assignment)

  1. Recruiter goes to cloud based platform and creates a job and adds specific questions and time limits (15 min)
  2. Recruiter can brand their name and add client marketing material such as videos, docs etc. to showcase their client. (3 min)
  3. Emails are sent to candidates (recruiter can send to more candidates as their in no interview time factor) with a close off date.( 2 min)
  4. Candidates are recorded via PC or Mobile device answering your questions. (0 min)
  5. When finished the recruiter will receive an email and be able to view and listen to the answers and rate against other candidates. (3 min per video approx)
  6. Recruiter can share candidates video interview with attached documentation (e.g candidate synopsis) to client (3 min)

The great advantages are the client gets to see and hear the candidates rather than just seeing the resume alone. They can review the interview in their own time and replay questions. The recruiter can do 8 video interviews to one phone screen. Also as mentioned before, you can replay answers to questions rather than going through scribbled telephone notes, which may not be interpreted that well unless you can type like a court reporter

By using recruiting technology it relays to the client that you are ahead of your competitors, it comes across that you have added an expensive process however does not reflect in your fee as this technology is inexpensive.

If you would like further information in reference to this article please feel free to add in comment and I will reply accordingly.

Cheers Nick Thompson