One-way video interviewing

In an ever-evolving world of new technologies, companies are constantly making an effort to modernize their processes. This wish for technological evolution leads companies to digitalise their processes. It will enable them to keep up with their competitors and stand out in the market.

The recruitment industry is no exception to this wave of digitalisation, and you can understand why. Introductions of new technologies in the recruitment processes reduces costs and time spent on small tasks. It also improves the image that job seekers might have of a company, making it easier to attract and retain top talent. Paperless recruiting is becoming a trend and applicant tracking systems (ATS) are being used all over the world to help recruiters leverage their recruitment process. Among all these innovations, there is one that stands out, as it sometimes can be involved in some controversy: one-way video interviews.

A one-way video interview, or pre-recorded video interview, is an interview where the interviewer is not present when the candidate answers the questions. It has the same concept of a questionnaire, only in this case the interviewee answers in the video.

In a field such as recruitment, where the humanization of processes is so valued, it’s understandable why one-way video interviews can have a bad reputation. However, there are some misconceptions about this topic that lead people into making bad judgments before getting to know this type of technology. Does it replace in-person interviews? Is it difficult to implement? Will be shedding some light on some misconceptions that people have about using one-way video interviews in the recruitment field.

1. Candidates are against One-Way Video Interviews

You might assume that candidates can be put off from applying to a job when finding out that they have to attend a one-way video interview. However, such an innovative tool also has the potential to attract and retain equally innovative candidates. This can be viewed as a huge plus, because you should always be looking for the best candidates for your company. In return this can reflect on you being an innovative employer.

2. It Replaces In-Person (Face to Face) Interviews

This is one of the biggest misconceptions recruiters have regarding the introduction of pre-recorded video interviews in their recruitment processes. Because they think it will replace the in-person interview, “dehumanizing” their interview processes. Actually, what most recruiters don’t realise is that one-way video interviews should be used as a pre-assessment in the recruitment process. This will allow you to select only the best candidates to the in-person interview. Now you will have a lot of time to personalize and better prepare the interviews, adapting them to each candidate.

3. It’s Difficult to Implement

Technology is ever changing, it’s understandable that you might feel a little bit insecure about implementing one-way video interviews in your recruitment process. You might even think that it will be a complicated process and not worth the trouble. However, in today’s market, video interview interfaces are becoming very user-friendly, making them very easy to set up and use. Also, there are certain ATS that integrate one-way video interviews as part of their core features, making it even easier for you to use this technology. At Facecruit video interviewing all you need to do is sign up. It is one of the easier platforms to use in the market with an east step process. It would take approximately 5 minutes to set an interview.

4. It’s Only Needed if you are Hiring Remotely

It’s a fact that video interviews are a necessity when you hire remotely, especially if you are looking into recruiting on an international level. They can also be applied if you are looking for candidates locally. One-way video interview always represents convenience for candidates, as they are able to answer the questions of the interview at their own rhythm and at a place of their choice. Also, you should consider that a large percentage of top talent is already employed when applying for a job. Hence, offering them the opportunity to take an interview at their own convenience will improve your chances of hiring them.

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