Sharing candidates via video

Sharing candidates videos with hiring managers or stakeholders can be an efficient way to involve them in the candidate evaluation process. Especially if they are located in different locations or if in-person meetings are not feasible. Here’s how you can go about it:

  1. Choose a Video Platform: Select a reliable video platform that supports sharing and viewing videos. There are several options available. FaceCruit is inexpensive and best affordable video interviewing platform. All development, customer support and data is all located in Australia.
  2. Obtain Candidate Consent: Ensure that you have the candidate’s consent to share their video interview with hiring managers. Inform them about the process and obtain their agreement to share their video recording.
  3. Prepare Candidate Profiles: Create candidate profiles that include relevant information such as resumes, cover letters, and any additional documents. This helps provide context to the hiring managers before they watch the video.
  4. Share Videos: Upload or share the video recordings of the candidate interviews with the respective hiring managers. With FaceCruit you are able to share videos via email and providing direct access to the platform itself.
  5. Communicate Evaluation Criteria: Clearly communicate the evaluation criteria. Add any specific guidelines or questions for the hiring managers to consider while reviewing the videos. This will ensure a standardized evaluation process and helps maintain consistency.
  6. Provide Timeframe: Set a deadline or timeframe within which hiring managers should review the videos and provide their feedback or recommendations. This will help keep the process on track and ensures timely decision-making. FaceCuit have an option to supply a date when reviews need to be completed. This offers a deadline and also security as the link will expire.
  7. Collate Feedback: Collect the feedback and evaluations from the hiring managers. This can be done through a star rating and percentage per question answered on the video platform itself. A downloadable CSV or Excel spreadsheet can capture all the reviewers ratings and comments.
  8. Facilitate Discussion: Arrange a meeting or discussion with the hiring managers to discuss the candidates and their evaluations. This can be done through video conferencing or in-person, depending on the circumstances.

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By sharing candidates via video with hiring managers, you enable them to access and review candidates at their own convenience. This can be done without geographical limitations. It can streamline the hiring process and foster collaboration among the hiring team, leading to more informed hiring decisions. Sharing videos is also a great time-saving tool. It will reduce time in Managers having to organise meetings with stakeholders.