Are you promoting your candidates by video?

Recruiters around the globe are often faced with the challenge of “selling” their candidates to potential hiring companies. Whether working with local organizations or conducting business from another locale, having access to the tools that can accomplish this is vital to successful placement. One possible solution to marketing candidates to the companies looking for talent is the use of video interviews. Using video interviewing can be a boon for your recruiting efforts for many reasons.

A lot of recruiters are sending one way video interview (pre-reordered) email invitations to potential candidates and when the recruiter has watched the videos they can share the shortlisted candidates to their potential clients. The benefit of this is that the employer will see the applicants communication skills and body language to help in their assessment. These can not be communicated in a resume alone so some good candidates may miss out if resume and  phone is the only source of their recruitment drive.

  • Video recruiting is much less costly and time consuming than setting up in-person interviews.
  • Video recruitment apps are readily accessible by desktop computers and mobile devices.
  • Video interviews allow you to prep each candidate and offer feedback for a better impression.

How Can a Recruiter get Tapped into Video Interviewing?

If you have staff of one or thousands your best video interviewing software will come from software providers like FaceCruit whose pricing is so flexible and you are free to try before you buy. FaceCruit have had extensive positive feedback from recruiters as a tool to promote their candidates to hiring managers.