International and distance recruitment. No need to get up at 2.00am.

A recent vacancy needed to be filled by Thompson & Thompson Sales and Marketing – a specialised sales and marketing recruitment company.


Thompson and Thompson Sales and Marketing are sharing video interviews to key decision makers internationally.

Scenario: A client wants to hire staff in Australia. Candidates mostly in regional Australia and client offshore. Nine questions have been designed by client. Thompson and Thompson use the questions and send a link through FaceCruit one-way video recruitment software for candidates to answer. Candidates open link and are being recorded by video answering the questions. When finished Thompson and Thompson receive an email that the interview is complete and share suitable candidates with the employer (client) for them to review (done by  inviting a reviewer). Advantages are huge:

The employer or candidate do not have to organise Skype meetings, no travel, quick screening process, all done in the candidates and employers own designated time.
The FaceCruit video hiring system has another tab where you can invite video referees. The referee is recorded answering questions you provide. There for you do not need to get out of bed at 2.00am to organise a call with an ex boss in Canada.
One of the referees for the above assignment was in France. This gave a real insight to the candidates skills, strenghts and weaknesses which made the end decision more accountable than a a phone call with notes written on a coffee stained pad.
If you are interested in finding out more please contact us via email at and we are more than happy to discuss a demo and free trial. There is no obligation with FaceCruit software.
Good luck in you recruitment projects. Remember. “If the wheel isn’t broken then why fix it”. The majority of companies in the recruiting area are running on stone wheels. The innovative companies are looking at the “Back to the Future” hover board.