Do you sometimes think to yourself, “Hey, I’m not as big or showy, or have the same reputation as XYZ Pty Ltd but I know we have a great culture, a fun team and we are really going places”?

In a highly competitive market, hiring the right talent is pivotal to a company’s ability to grow. Being able to attract and retain the best talent is a demanding task. Today’s candidates are not only looking for a job, they are looking to work for a company where they feel valued and whose culture is aligned to their own beliefs and desires. 75% of candidate’s today will consider an employer’s brand before even applying for a job.


Wouldn’t it be great if before a candidate has an interview with your Company you could add promotional and descriptive marketing materials and videos to be more attractive to the candidate? A candidate that had already made their mind up about the competition but needed swaying.


With leading interview platforms like FaceCruit you have the opportunity when inviting candidates to do a one-way video interview (which shows you are innovative and forward thinking – a good start). You can also add video, documentation and marketing materials to show case why you are a great employer to work for. Maybe your offices are amazing and you have great working benefits such as in-house child care, gyms, free on-site parking, flexible working spaces or even just a great positive working environment. FaceCruit gives you a chance to showcase your business and working environment to entice  the very best candidates.

Videos are not as expensive as you may think. To use a company like FaceCruit you can start from as little as AU$75, and this will get you around 10 interviews (based on recommended times). This would also include video referencing and access to the marketing and branding suite. FaceCruit also offers “try before you buy” for everyone, so you have nothing to lose. You can also easily make your own marketing materials and videos quickly and simply using free online software such as Biteable.

If you are looking to use innovation and capture your audience to take the next step, then try something different, which is proven to work.