10 Ways Community Therapy Improves Recruitment
Using Facecruit

Mobile allied health provider Community Therapy engaged Facecruit to further improve
recruitment processes and facilitate their continued growth.
We asked them for feedback as to how Facecruit has helped and here’s the response from
Scott Lynch, Founder and Managing Director of Community Therapy.

1 – Accessible, Virtual Environments

At Community Therapy, we’re always looking at ways to improve our processes, not just
clinically, but in all areas of the business such as recruitment.
We wanted to find a way to improve the experience of people applying to become part of our
amazing team. We like to think about these processes using our empathetic values, so we are
putting ourselves in the shoes of the applicants.
We understand that it can be confronting when applying for a new job, and Facecruit has
facilitated a virtual environment that helps people to participate in a stage 1 interview in a
non-confronting way.

2 – Time Efficiency

When researching ways to improve our recruitment process, we found that one-way video
software could be our stage 1 interview process. There could be significant time savings when
compared to a face to face interview, and could be used t o review applicants before advancing
to the next stage of the recruitment process.
Community Therapy researched the market and determined that Facecruit was the right fit. We
trialled various products and found the experience with Facecruit to be positive for everyone

3 – Processes

Our recruitment process has been improved dramatically by implementing Facecruit.
Applicants can apply in a number of ways, such as through our website or popular job boards.
No matter where the application comes from, the data is sent to our recruitment software.
Facecruit integrates well with our recruitment software, which makes it easy for us to automate
most stages of recruitment.

We are able to efficiently screen resumes, cover letters and also video-cover letters before
advancing applicants onto stage 1 of interviews with Facecruit.

4 – Doing One Thing Well

At Community Therapy, we value lightweight software.
What we like about Facecruit is t hat i t’s simple and delivers on i ts promise of a one-way
interviewing process. Nothing more, nothing less.

5 – User Experience

At Community Therapy, we tend to like web systems that are highly accessible for our users.
We have found that applicants have been able to move through the process with limited issues.
There have been minimal support enquiries!

6 – Support from Facecruit

The support from Facecruit has been really great. Initially upon signup, we received a phone call
to see what level of technical support we require for our i ntegrations.
Luckily, we are a tech-savvy organisation and were able to handle the integrations and
processes independently. With that being said, it’s nice t o see that Facecruit would offer support
for clients who aren’t as technically proficient.
In the t imes we’ve contacted Facecruit for support, they have been very fast to provide the
answers we need.

7 – Ongoing Feedback

We have had only positive feedback for Facecruit in our several months together.
We are in contact with a representative from Facecruit, who is always asking for feedback and
ways to improve. It’s great t o see their commitment t of making an easy and functioning system,
for both applicants and Community Therapy.

8 – Scaling

Community Therapy believes that Facecruit is a wonderful software package, namely for
medium sized businesses and up.
We offer both clinical and non-clinical roles. We have found that we have been able to process a
larger number of applicants very quickly. An added benefit is that Facecruit can standardise the
questions, so upon reviewing the videos, we have found meaningful insights and can identify
applicants that match well with our mission, vision and values.

9 – Innovation, Culture & Applicant Feedback

At Community Therapy, we asked new staff about their experience applying.
The response was l argely that applicants found the experience to be innovative and new, with
very few having used one-way video before. This also made them quite excited about the
innovation and culture of our company.
Our new staff said they appreciated the comfortable virtual environment, particularly for
applicants who were able to avoid a long commute for an initial interview.

10 – One Job Seeker’s Success Story

At Community Therapy, Facecruit helps us identify applicants who are inline with our mission,
vision and values.
Recently, we had an applicant who became quite emotional during her video response. We
could see her passion shining through – which is not something that can be well determined on
a traditional resume.
We could also tell that she was highly skilled, experienced and interested in Community
Therapy. Facecruit helped us see the applicant’s honesty and integrity.
The applicant moved onto a stage 2 face-to-face interview and eventually landed her dream job
(her words, not ours!) with us at Community Therapy.