Screening Tools for Recruitment

When looking for screening tools for recruitment, what outcome do you want to acheive?  Lets take a step back. You haven’t received a CV yet, so what have you got planned for the screening candidates process, phone, email? So you received a few CV’s, whats next, categorise them in green, yellow, red? How are you going to screen the greens, what hapens if the greens are not suitable, you go to yellow. How much time do you put aside for each candidate to screen, 15-30 minutes via phone or Zoom.

Lets take another step back, you need to organise appointemnt to call or zoom meeting, Guess what? Phone and meeting tag. How much time does that take? A lot of wasted time. At last, you have made some appointements  and allocated some screening time. Ooops , you realise that the first two dont make the brief in the first 2 minutes, but you have allocated your time, mmmmm you know you just can’t end the interview so short so drag on a bit longer.

Screen Recruitment

What does screen recruitment actually mean? It means screening a candidate in less time, less costs and getting a more accurate snapshot of the candidate to see if you want them to go to the next stage. How is this done? Let me explain.

  1. Set up key questions for a candidate to answer.
  2. Invite suitable green and even yellow candidates to a one way computer/smartphone interview. Thats’correct a computer/smart phone interview.
  3. Candiates are recorded answering your questions.
  4. View answers.
  5. Invite reviewers.
  6. Invite successful candidates to the next stage.

How long does this take to get the right candidate? You can view 8 video interviews in the time it takes to do one phone or other form of interviews. Imagine the time saved! Answer, go to the first paragraph and do you maths.

Technology is out there to sreen candidates a better way. We just need to research and grasp this technology. Recruitment is an industry which has not really changed. Sure we need to face to face interaction, that is a fact, however we can improve a lot of prcesses before the final hire.