Discounted pricing during Covid 19

Global video interviewing software company Facecruit has discounted their pricing to help companies reduce the time to recruit whilst not being an expensive cost. FaceCruit don’t hide their pricing, they like to show their pricing so your not forced to add your details so a sales person can give you a call to justify their pricing. Here is FaceCruit’s current pricing for video interviewing during Covid 19.

More and more companies who are still employing are receiving a large amount or resumes and need to screen candidates in a faster and more efficient manner than phone interviewing. Also the restrictions in some countries of social distancing require video interviewing as a major strategy.

Facecruit are also offering free resume video software presentations up to 5 minutes of recording to the job seeker market. My Interview (Nick Thompson) with ACS can be found here

Difference between FaceCruit and live interviews like Zoom

Zoom is live. This means that you have to schedule a meeting. A bit like a meeting request, you have to agree to times. There is not a lot of difference in organising a face to face interview apart from the travel. You are still going to get you no shows and cancellations. Also you have allocated your time and started the interview, you cant just disconnect the candidate if they dont seem to fit your criteria.

FaceCruit in not live. It is one-way video interviewing. You create questions then send an email or link to candidates and they are recorded giving their answers. You can set closing dates for the interview as well as times to anser the questions. Advantages are numerous, for pre-screening candidates you review 8 Facecruit videos to one zoom meeting or tel phone pre-screen. In this link we have added a more in depth explanation and understanding of video interview software.