Show me your pricing?

First of all here is our Great video interviewing prices.

How annoying is it when you go to a website and you fill in all the mandatory data to find out the price. Then you still don’t get the price. The you get the phone call from a “Customer Success Manager” to extract your needs and are sold why their pricing is a little bit more expensive by name dropping clients who have probably used their service once and then you are sent the pricing. Another annoying procedure is you add you credit card details to get more information and “Can cancel at anytime”. Who has the time to deal with all this entrapment. Sure, I understand this is a designed marketing strategy, however you are the client, so if its too hard, move onto another service provider. A good example of this is with video interviewing software .

There are a lot of sites you can visit however you do not see the costs involved. At Facecruit video interviewing software they display their pricing on the bottom and of their employer page and on the top tabs and have even made it affordable for small business. FaceCruit have been mentioned in a few sites as most affordable for business by tailoring inexpensive packages. Your pricing should be on your website. Here is a post from Hubspot.

Free Trial

Ha, another sales process. Why should you have to speak to someone to have a free trial. The software product should be easy enough to use without someone guiding you. Sure what is simple for one may be hard for  another, so that is why their are support channels. Again FaceCruit offer a free trial as soon as you sign up. They offer you a free 2 minutes credit which is enough to create an interview for example of 4 questions with 30 seconds to answer. They suggest you act as the employer and candidate so you can understand the full experience.

Comparing Websites

Your probably familiar when you type in a search for the best ACME. For example the ” Best video interviewing software” or “Best video interviewing prices” and a heap of websites have a comparison list from top to bottom. This is generally rated by views. Lets be realistic, a lot of organisations do have a great product and deserve their review. On the other hand a lot of organisations are influencing their reviews with voucher incentives or personal contacts to get higher on the list.

If you would like to discuss benchmarking your current supplier, please feel free to contact FaceCruit Video Interviewing.