What are the benefits for candidates with video interviews?

Recorded interviewing allows candidates to focus on their responses to questions, rather than focusing on how the interviewer is responding.  It allows candidates to express their passion and enthusiasm for a topic and the organisation, something that cannot be replicated with phone interviewing. Social media has shown us that (given the right opportunity and technology) people want to be heard, as well as seen. Video interviewing provides candidates with this opportunity.

Here is a (non-exhaustive) list of benefit for you:

  • Video interviews are also advantageous to candidates in terms of time and money.  There is no need to stress about being late to the interview because of traffic, and similarly, there is no need to travel to another city or country (with the associated expenses that come with it).  The only investment candidates need to make is a computer with Internet access and a webcam or a phone/tablet, and almost everyone has that kind of equipment these days.
  • There are psychological benefits associated to video interviews.  A job interview can be a lot less stressful if a candidate can go through it from their own home.
  • Candidates can practise for a video interview by recording themselves answering typical interview questions.  They can then assess their performance and make the necessary changes, so that they feel confident and prepared on the day of the interview.
  • Video interviews are ideal if a candidate already has a job but is looking to move elsewhere.  Online interviews do not require candidates to take days off, something that could arouse their boss’ suspicions.

Can a video interview improve chances of you getting the Job?

The good news is that if a candidate approaches it correctly, a video interview can help him/her be successful in their job search.  If they can perform well using video interviewing software, they’ll show that they’re at ease with modern technology.  They will also have the opportunity to practise with the software until they are comfortable with it.  If they have picture-in-picture during the interview, they will be able to observe the appearance they are projecting to your interviewers and adjust if necessary, which is something you don’t get the chance to do in a traditional interview format.

By preparing thoroughly for their video interview and taking care to give the best impression possible they may be able to secure the job without even entering the office!

What questions might you be asked?

The specific questions depend on the role and organisation. Some examples might include:

  1. The introductory question: “Tell us a little bit about you?”  A question like this helps recruiters and employers assess how you might fit into their organisation.
  2. A motivation question: “Why do you want to work for …?”  This can tell a story about why the candidate really wants the job.  The answer doesn’t need to be perfect.  A good narrative makes a strong connection through the video.
  3. The technical question: “Tell us about a time you have helped a customer?”  This question is designed to help employers identify your strengths and determine your potential to grow into the role.  Here the recruiter maybe looking for the S.T.A.R technique to answer this question – situation, task, action, result.
  4. A personality question: “What would you do if you didn’t have to work for a month?”  A question like this is about teasing out your personality and seeing if you align with the organisations cultural values.

Do candidates need to set up an account?

The quick answer is no.  There are two ways in which you can commence a video interview.

  1. If you are invited by email to a video interview you just need to click on the link provided in the email and follow the easy step by step instructions. This method is more common.
  2. You have been directed to a Public URL via a website or online advertising. If you click on the URL you will be asked to add your name, email, contact number and upload your resume. Once this is done you can continue to the interview.

If  a candidate wants to apply to a job and “Stand out from the crowd”, Facecruit offer a free video resume service which candidates can create and record content that will attract the employers attention. To accompany this showcase the candidate can also record video references and upload supporting materiel such as relevant documentation, certificates, YouTube videos and more. All the information is collated into a unique job profile URL link which you can add to any document or online application process.