Those candidates you most want to recruit, they’re also in demand by your competitors.

Everything a candidate has ever heard, read or witnessed about your company will enter into the decision of whether to work for your company. Before a job candidate ever knows you, he or she will know about your company.

In short, that’s why employer branding makes a difference in recruiting efforts. But an employer’s brand is more than just a first impression. It plays an important role throughout the recruitment process. Three of the important stages of recruiting are influenced by the employer brand:

Videos are a great way to brand your company, you can  upload from previous created corporate videos or a member of staff discussing the company, culture or recruitment process. For example, with FaceCruit video interviewing you can create introduction and exit videos on the actual software platform. Keep it simple. I have seen many self promoting videos with flashy banners flying through the background, how wonderful we are, we are the best, to me it comes across a little to fake. Try to be natural and really communicate why someone should be working for you and what you offer, your point of difference.

Video technology in interviewing and branding is becoming a more common practice with recruiting. If this is something you would like to explore more feel free to inquire here for further information.