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The old adage "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" no longer rings true in our world of advancing technology. Today, just about everything can be done more efficiently and more cost-effectively. That includes the way job seekers apply for positions, and the way employers choose their staff. Welcome to FaceCruit.

Welcome to a new and better way to present to a job or employ that person. We've divided the site into two separate areas, Jobseeker and Employer, because FaceCruit is about individuals putting their best face forward through cutting-edge video technology. Jobseekers are able to truly represent themselves - they are no longer just words on a page. Employers gain the same advantage, and are able to share, rate and comment on candidates.

FaceCruit is intuitive, results driven and cost effective. Whether you are a Jobseeker or an Employer, FaceCruit is a valuable resource that can be tailored to suit individual jobs.


Job Seeker

Most people become Jobseekers at various times in their lives. For some, it is hard enough trying to get a foot in the door let alone landing a job. They may be competing with a few people or hundreds. Regardless of the position, most resumes are fairly standard.

That's why we created FaceCruit - to give you an edge so you can stand out from the few or the many. Now your resume can include an online profile video (of you and any referees) as well as the traditional hard-copy information. FaceCruit allows you to show off your personality, and pitch to potential employers the reasons why they should hire you.


With our experiences in Recruitment and Management, we understand the time and effort hiring staff, sifting through endless resumes, organising phone and face to face interviews. It is a time-consuming and costly process - some people sound good on paper but are actually unsuitable when you meet them face to face (after flying interstate for the interview) and some don't bother showing up at all. It all ends up being educated guesswork.

That's why we created FaceCruit - to take the guesswork out of the hiring process. FaceCruit is an online video interview system. It allows you to create questions which you then send to suitable candidates for pre-screening. They respond to the questions in an interview-like fashion - they can't rehearse their answers. You can then view, review and share their responses where and whenever you want.


FaceCruit eliminates the need for an extensive interview process

because candidates are no longer just words on a page, they are people with personalities. There's no need to sift through hundreds of resumes or conduct dozens of interviews. You're in control with FaceCruit:
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You're not locked into appointment times or hampered by distance. Candidates respond to your questions in an interview-like fashion. (They are not able to edit their responses). You can give candidates the option to provide video references and/or include their resume and written references. All interested parties can assess and rate candidates for an informed short-listing process.

FaceCruit saves you time and money,

and provides you with a clearer picture and more insight into potential employees. And all information is securely locked away in the cloud for you to access at your convenience.

FaceCruit is a global system

that makes the process of employment straightforward and measurable.


- Put your best face forward