FaceCruit eliminates the need for an extensive interview process

because candidates are no longer just words on a page, they are people with personalities. There's no need to sift through hundreds of resumes or conduct dozens of interviews. You're in control with FaceCruit:


- Online Video Interviewing

em video
icon pre-screening Pre-screening candidate's anywhere, anytime
icon unlock You're not locked into appointment times
icon schedule No Need to schedule appointments
travelling Save time and money on travelling for appointments
icon candidate Candidates respond to the questions you chose
(no re-recording responses)
icon share Share and rate your candidates with other colleagues


- Online Video Referencing

icon phone Eliminates phone referencing
icon no wait No longer waiting for referees to call back
icon tailor Tailor your questions to your needs
icon send Send a reference request to anyone, anywhere in the world
icon time No need to call out of hours due to time differences.
icon referee Creates a more reliable referee rather than just a phone and name.
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FaceCruit saves you time and money,

and provides you with a clearer picture and more insight into potential employees. And all information is securely locked away in the cloud for you to access at your convenience.

FaceCruit is a global system

that makes the process of employment straightforward and measurable